Crockett Library

J. H. Wootters   Crockett Public Library

709 E. Houston
Crockett Texas 75835

936 544 3089


Great Decisions

Great Decisions is America's largest
discussion program
on world affairs.

Coming to the Library
Thursday March 5th at 5:30pm
Call for details



Wayang Kulit: The Shadow Play of Kelantan
Will be coming to the library on
Saturday February 21st
at 10am


Experience a timeless Malaysian cultural treasure with
Wayang Kulit: The Shadow Play of Kelantan.
Hear traditional music, witness this lively expression
of multicultural Malaysia,
and take in a mystical wonder that sheds new light on
age-old questions of good and evil
in spiritual folk talks brought to life
by master artists of this ancient tradition.

— Free —


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