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The Crockett Public Library’s Children’s Summer Reading Program finished this past Thursday, June 30th. Five lucky readers won Kindle Fire book readers. Participants also won Tickets to the Ellen Trout Zoo, Moody Gardens Palm Beach, San Antonio Museum of Art, Splash Kingdom and Sea World. They also received coupons from Subway and McDonalds. The younger children received lanterns from Tractor Supply.

The summer program started on June 2nd with Reading Magic Show with John O'Bryant. June 9th we had Pipp Gillette sharing songs and musical history and June 16th Bonzo Crunch  “Fool at Large” entertained the children. June 23rd Faire to Middlin returned with songs and laughter. The last performance was an anti-drug puppet show on June 30th.

We had over 105 children in attendance over the 5 performing weeks.

A big Thank You to:

THE EMMA CATHERINE WALTERS CROCKETT LIBRARY ENDOWMENT FUND, Whataburger, McDonald’s, Brookshire Brothers,  Jane Richmond  our local DAR, HEB, Tractor Supply, Subway, Kroger, Moody Gardens, Seaworld, Ellen Trout Zoo and Splash Kingdom Water Park.

The Crockett Public Library staff also wishes to thank our faithful adult and teen volunteers who helped make the program a success.




From the Wall Street Journal…/to-curb-bone-loss-a-certain-amount-of-…

Parents who own a public library card may raise children with advanced literacy skills, a study in the Journal of Pediatrics suggests.

Parents who visited a public library at least once a month were more than three times as likely to read out loud to children on a daily basis as parents who visited the library less often. Frequent library-goers also read a more diverse selection of books to children.

Children develop an interest in books and words long before they learn to read and write, the researchers said. This so-called emergent literacy, or pre-literacy, has been linked to reading to children out loud, they said.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently adopted a policy that recommends parents read out loud to children from birth, but many children are read to infrequently, the study said.

From June to August 2014, researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital surveyed 200 parents, mostly mothers, of children age 6 to 18 months old who were visiting a pediatric clinic. More than half of the parents were between 25 and 35 years old, and about three-quarters were black or Hispanic.

Parents answered 47 questions about their use of public libraries and knowledge of library programs for children. They were also asked if they read stories to their children at bedtime and how often. The number and variety of books were also assessed.

Two-thirds of parents owned a public library card, and of these 38% visited a public library at least once a month. Most parents, 91%, read out loud to their child, but only 46% read every day. On average, parents read out loud 4.4 days a week. Mothers were more likely read to children than fathers.




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